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DYER, Ind. - IndianaStop -- For the right homeowner, the idea of taking on the responsibility of selling your own home while avoiding the losses associated with an agent's commission can be enticing and empowering. Let's look at these 5 blunders homeowners make with FSBO listings in Indiana & Illinois to see how you may improve your chances and profits:


When deciding on a price, it's crucial to analyze the market value of nearby, similar properties that have sold in the recent few years. Going too low reduces your profits while also signaling to potential purchasers that there's a terrible reason you're wanting to get out of the home.

Pricing too high and then needing to gradually drop your asking price over time, on the other hand, gives the message that you're expecting too much and are reluctant to deal fairly.

Taking Things Personally

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When you have an agent on your side, one of the most important things they can do is remove personal feelings and emotions from the negotiation process.

FSBO listings remove that buffer zone, perhaps making some homeowners their own worst adversary when it comes to selling their houses in Indiana & Illinois.

Missing the Details

It can seem as if selling a home requires little to no work when you have an agent doing everything behind the scenes for you.

You'll get a quick, dirty, and incomplete education on all of the documentation required to transfer ownership of a property from one party to the next if you handle everything yourself. Another key element of the jigsaw is making sure you reveal all that a possible buyer is required to know by law, so you don't end up in court later.

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Marketing It All Wrong

Selling your home in Indiana & Illinois is a very simple task, right? You create a listing online, throw some photos up, and put a sign in your yard.

Well, there's more to it than that, and failing to make a good first impression online is a constant issue with FSBO listings.

Selling on Their Own Schedule

Finally, FSBO sales become more complicated when the owner tries to organize showings and open houses according to their own timetable.

Prepare to leave on short notice and at inconvenient times while selling your own house in Indiana & Illinois. You'll have a hard time convincing anyone that buying your property in Indiana & Illinois is a good investment if you're unable or unwilling to accommodate potential buyers coming to look at it.

Help Managing FSBO Listings in Indiana & Illinois

If you're a homeowner in Indiana & Illinois who wants to shift from FSBO listings to being represented by an agent, call us today at (708) 480-1439!

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