UVify Illuminates Cobra-Con 2024 as Gold Sponsor

Explore the Future of Pyrotechnics and Drone Technology at Cobra-Con 2024 with UVify: Where Innovation Ignites Possibilities

MUNCIE, Ind. - IndianaStop -- UVify, a pioneer in drone technology, is proud to announce its role as the Gold Sponsor for Cobra-Con 2024, the premier event for Cobra Firing System enthusiasts and pyrotechnics experts. Taking place in Muncie, Indiana, from April 11th to 13th, the convention promises to spark the interests of attendees with a dazzling array of workshops, panels, and live pyrotechnic demonstrations.

Cobra-Con 2024, dedicated to users of the Cobra Firing System and pyrotechnics aficionados, is set to feature an electrifying blend of technical showcases, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities. As a gathering of the most innovative minds in pyrotechnics, it offers a unique forum for the exchange of ideas and the latest advancements in pyrotechnic technology and drone-assisted displays. Robert Cheek, Chief Operating Officer of UVify, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: "As the Gold Sponsor of Cobra-Con 2024, UVify is excited to bridge the worlds of drone technology and pyrotechnics. Our commitment to innovation perfectly complements the spirit of Cobra-Con, an event that celebrates the artistry and technical mastery of pyrotechnics. We're eager to demonstrate how our drones can enhance pyrotechnic displays, offering a new dimension to the visuals and safety of these performances. It's an honor to support an event that not only showcases the capabilities of the Cobra Firing System but also fosters a sense of community among those passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the pyrotechnics field."

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Cobra-Con 2024 attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore the integration of UVify's market-leading drone platforms, the IFO and OMEGA, with Cobra's advanced pyrotechnic technologies. This showcase will highlight the harmonious synchronization, precision, and safety enhancements achievable when combining the latest in drone and pyrotechnic innovations. The exhibit promises to be a beacon of innovation, sparking vibrant discussions about the future of pyrotechnics and drone technology, and showcasing the potential for these technologies to elevate pyrotechnic artistry and execution.

About UVify

UVify is at the forefront of drone technology, crafting devices known for their performance, reliability, and ease of use. The UVify IFO is the world's leading swarm light show drone platform, used in AAA productions around the world. UVify's drones are engineered to enhance a wide array of applications, from entertainment to research, embodying the company's dedication to advancing drone technology and its applications, including in the field of pyrotechnics.

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