Tracy S. Williams, Wife of Pro Football Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams, Talks Sex and Relationships in Her Debut Book: THE GARDEN EXPERIENCE

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Tracy S. Williams releases her first book urging young women to see the beauty in sex and own the power of waiting titled: THE GARDEN EXPERIENCE: AN ABSTINENCE HANDBOOK FOR GIRLS

ST. LOUIS - IndianaStop -- Pastor Tracy S. Williams, wife of Pro Football Hall of Famer turned pastor, Aeneas Williams, takes on the seemingly taboo subject of sex in the church world with the release of her first self-published book, THE GARDEN EXPERIENCE: AN ABSTINENCE HANDBOOK FOR GIRLS. The two-edition book caters to the young girls that are near and dear to Tracy's heart. She wants them to know first and foremost, "Sex is not taboo. There's beauty in sex and power in waiting." Written in the language of youth and young adults, Tracy seeks to challenge the societal norms of random hook ups and meaningless sex, with adopted concepts of abstinence and waiting.

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"Talking about sex doesn't have to be hard. I want to let young girls know that they deserve to be cherished, loved and appreciated beyond just sex." Tracy acknowledges the lack of proper resources and apprehension for church leaders to discuss the topic, "It's an uncomfortable conversation, I know, but our girls deserve to know the truth about love, boys and relationships," she says.

THE GARDEN EXPERIENCE: AN ABSTINENCE HANDBOOK FOR GIRLS focuses on teaching young girls that they, in fact, possess the power to have healthy relationships! With sex off of the table, Tracy encourages young girls to get to know themselves, the person they are dating and explore activities that promote friendship and partnership outside of sex. Removing the requirement of sex, places the ball at the scrimmage line, resets the timeclock and allows for true and genuine connections to be made.

Tracy S. Williams is a pastor at The Spirit Church in St. Louis, MO, an author, public speaker, and an advocate for women. She also holds a B.S. Degree in Agricultural Economics from Southern University and A & M College and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She and her husband Aeneas have been married for over 26 years and have four children.

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Tracy is available for speaking, group coaching and teaching opportunities in conjunction with handbook teaching. Topics: self-love, abstinence, self-care, Christianity, faith, youth, women in faith, teen sex, coming of age, self-worth

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By Tracy Smith Williams; designed by Hannah Gaskamp

Self-published | 96 pages | Two versions | Ages 13-21 | On sale now

ISBN: 979-8-67-668307-8 | $25.00 / $30.00

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