South Bend: Rebuilding Our Streets Plan Implementation Begins

April 22, 2021

On Monday, April 26, the City of South Bend will begin implementing its recently announced Rebuilding Our Streets Plan, a 3-year, $25 million investment to improve the condition of local streets. The first year of the Plan involves work on 135 lane miles of streets. Over 115 streets are scheduled this year for work such as milling and asphalt resurfacing, full reconstruction or brick spot repair. Additional streets will see preventative maintenance measures such as crack sealing and microsurfacing. Residents can follow the progress of paving work at

"We're thrilled to be able to make improvements to so many street segments this year, and thank the Common Council for making the necessary funding available," said Mayor James Mueller. "Our 3-year plan will improve the overall quality of our streets across the city and in every neighborhood."

Work will be completed by both City and contractor crews. Once the paving crews begin work, it will take approximately three to five days to complete each segment of street on this list. Streets must be milled and prepped prior to paving and will be closed during working operations (6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.). Signage will be posted prior to the start of work so residents and businesses are aware of the upcoming work.

The Rebuilding Our Streets Plan is a 10-year strategy on how the City can address the conditions of local, neighborhood streets and find additional resources to maintain streets in good condition over a longer period. The first three years will focus on streets in worst condition based on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) score. PASER assigns a rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst condition and 10 being a newly paved street. The plan, along with a list of streets to be addressed and their PASER scores, can be found at

The City's 2021 paving list is included below. Note: Streets listed with an * next to them are tentatively scheduled pending the outcome of an application for the 2021 Community Crossing Matching Grant through the State of Indiana. At the time of this release, the State has not announced the results of the first round of applications.

– 30th Street from Jefferson Boulevard to railroad tracks
– Adams Street from Humboldt Street to Elwood Avenue
– Adams Street from Lincoln Way West to Vassar Avenue
– Adams Street from Liston to Orange streets

More on
– Allen Street from Oak Street to Lincoln Way West
– Altgeld Street from York Road to Ironwood Drive*
– Arthur Street from Sorin to Chalfant streets
– Bendix Drive from Western Avenue to Huston Street
– Bent Oak Lane from Oakwood Park to Oakbrook drives
– Birner Street from Allen Street to Blaine Avenue
– Blaine Avenue from LaPorte Avenue to Lincoln Way West
– Boston Drive to Linden Avenue to Jamestown Court
– Bowman Street from Miami to Leer streets
– Broadway Street from High to Miami streets
– Bronson Street from Main Street to Lafayette Boulevard
– Bronson Street from Michigan to St. Joseph streets
– Bulla Street from Medora to Wilber streets
– Calvert Street from High to Miami streets
– Calvert Street from Walnut to Morris streets
– Catalpa Street from Sample to Kerr streets
– Chicago Street from Lincoln Way West to cul-de-sac
– Coquillard Drive from Jefferson Boulevard to Colfax Avenue*
– Cottage Grove Avenue from alley to Oak Street
– Danbury Drive from Gotham to Berkshire drives
– Dayton Street from Caroline to Robinson streets
– Delbert Court from Caroline Street to Eldora Court
– Dogwood Drive from Sylvan Lane to Parkway Street
– Dubail Avenue from Olive to Grant streets
– Dundee Street from Ford to Dunham streets
– Dunham Street from dead end to Jackson Street
– Eagle Cove Drive from Park South Boulevard to Copperfield Drive
– Eastview Lane from Western Avenue to Southview Lane
– Eckman Street from Main Street west to dead end
– Eldora Court from Lincolnway East to Delbert Court
– Erskine Manor Hill Drive from Erskine Court to Honan Drive
– Ewing Avenue from High Street to Dale Avenue
– Fairfax Court from north cul-de-sac to south cul-de-sac
– Fairview Avenue from Dale Avenue to Miami Street
– Farneman Avenue from Michigan to Main streets
– Fellows Street from Donmoyer Avenue to Tasher Street
– Fox Street from Miami to Leer streets
– Fulton Court to LaSalle Ave north to dead end
– Galway Court from Galway Drive to cul-de-sac
– Garden Oak Drive from Brick Road east to dead end
– Garfield Court from Washington Street south to dead end
– Garland Circle from York Road to cul-de-sac
– Georgian Court from Cotswold Lane to cul-de-sac
– Gladstone Street from Sample Street to Silver Lane
– Glen Street from Ewing Avenue south to dead end
– Gotham Drive from Riding Mall to Berkshire drives
– Grove Street from Canterbury Drive to dead end
– Hamilton Court from Thornhill Drive to cul-de-sac
– Hancock Street from Arnold Street to Western Avenue
– Harrington Drive from Edison Road to dead end
– Harrison Avenue from Fuerbringer Street to Lincoln Way West

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– Haney Street from Miami Street to Raymond Court
– Hawthorne Drive from Colfax to McKinley avenues
– High Street from Wenger to Sample streets
– High Street from Woodside to Irvington streets
– Highland Avenue from Olive to Carlisle streets
– Hine Street from Walnut to Studebaker streets
– Huey Street from Frederickson Street to Lincoln Way West
– Humphrey Court from Sample Street south to dead end
– Huron Street from Kaley to Liberty streets
– Indiana Avenue from Michigan to High streets*
– Irvington Avenue from Woodmont Drive east to dead end
– Irvington Drive from Locust Road to Emerson Forest Parkway
– Jacob Street from Cedar to Campeau streets
– Jackson Street from Orange Street to Linden Avenue
– Jefferson Boulevard from Cherry to Walnut streets
– Jennings Street from Michigan to St. Joseph streets
– Kalorama Street from Hill to Turnock streets
– Keller Street from Olive to Meade streets
– Kentucky Street from Western Avenue to Ford Street
– Kessler Boulevard from Kessler Place to Woodlawn Boulevard
– Kindig Drive from Cambridge to Fairfax drives
– King Street from Kessler Boulevard to Portage Avenue
– Kinyon Street from Portage Avenue to Wilber Street
– Liberty Street from Washington Street to Western Avenue
– Liberty Street from Western Avenue to Ford Street
– Lindsey Avenue from Portage to Blaine avenues*
– Longley Avenue from College to Johnson streets
– Marquette Avenue from Lafayette Boulevard to Wakewa Avenue
– McKinley Avenue from Walsh Street to Rockne Drive
– McPherson Street from Thomas Street to Western Avenue
– Meade Street from Napier Street to Western Avenue
– Milton Street from Dale Avenue to Miami Street
– Milton Street from Miami Street to Mumford Court
– Napier Street from Walnut to Chestnut Street
– Patty Lane from Corby Boulevard to Bentley Lane
– Poland Street from Tade Court to Harris Street
– Portage Court from Portage to Ashland avenues
– Raleigh Drive from Cambridge to Berkshire drives
– Ridgedale Road from York Road to Woodmont Drive
– Ridgewood Circle from Rosemary Lane to cul-de-sac
– Riding Mall Drive from Garway Common Street to Regent Court
– Roelke Drive from Abshire Drive to cul-de-sac
– Sample Street from Chapin to Arnold streets
– Sherman Avenue from Lincoln Way West to Vassar Avenue*
– Southview Lane from Eastview to Westview lanes
– St. Vincent Street from Notre Dame Avenue to Frances Street
– Sunnyside Avenue from Jefferson Boulevard to Colfax Avenue
– Sylvan Lane from Scenic Drive to Sample Street
– Tasher Street from Michigan to Main streets
– Taylor Street from Washington Street to Colfax Avenue
– Trenton Drive from Linden Avenue to cul-de-sac
– Wakewa Avenue from Hillcrest Road to Iroquois Street
– Wall Street from 31th to Logan streets
– Walsh Street from LaSalle Avenue to Cedar Street
– Walter Street from Michigan to Main streets
– Webster Street from Indiana to Prairie avenues
– Williamsburg Court from Boston Drive to cul-de-sac
– Woodmont Drive from Ridgedale Road to Brookmeade Drive*

Brick spot repair is also planned for the following streets:

– Jefferson Boulevard from Chapin to Frost streets
– Laurel Street from Western Avenue to Jefferson Boulevard
– Maple Street from Thomas to Washington streets
– Pine Street from Western Avenue to Napier Street
– Wayne Street from Chapin to Scott streets

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