Several countries in the EU follow the ban on Google Analytics

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Denmark's Data Protection Authority, has declared the Google Analytics tool illegal for data transfers abroad without additional measures. Investigators fully examined the service's setting and terms and have issued their decision and said the tool cannot be used in its current form without implementing supplementary measures.

HO CHI MINH, Viet Nam - IndianaStop -- Denmark has joined France, Austria, and Italy as the fourth country to deem the usage of Google Analytics unlawful. This conclusion was announced in a Press Release issued by the Data Protection Authority (DPA), Datatilsynet and is the result of a concerted pan-European approach to stop the abuse of personal data.

It is not the first time the Danish DPA has expressed concern about the usage of Google having released a statement a few months ago claiming that the use of Google Workspace (previously G-suite) for municipalities was in breach of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) are independent public agencies with investigative and remedial powers that supervise the execution of data protection legislation.

The Danish DPA determined that using Google Analytics is illegal. The judgment is based on an individual case, yet it expresses a common European viewpoint on personal data processing.

Unlike the other DPAs, the Danish DPA investigated GA's data transfers at its own discretion rather than in response to a complaint.

It said that the GDPR is designed to preserve EU citizens' privacy. This implies that you should be able to access a website without fear of your personal information being compromised. In this regard, they have carefully analyzed Google Analytics, particularly in light of recent judgments made by other Member States.

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The Danish DPA came to the same decision as the other Member States after thorough analysis. The usage of Google Analytics in its current form and settings is illegal.

What to do if you're using Google Analytics

Datatilsynet could not provide much advice or measures on what to do if you are using Google Analytics. The best solution: stop using Google Analytics or you have to add reverse proxy and pseudonymization.

Assess whether you are compliantly using the tools and whether you can implement appropriate extra measures. Take the extra steps to implement a plan going forward, and ideally, find another product that does not abuse customer data, is respectful to its users, and complies with the law.

Go for compliant zero-party or first-party data options only - data that's provided by the customer voluntarily. Because it is derived directly from a company's actions and users, it is more accurate and relevant than second & third-party data, and will also reduce legal and ethical concerns.

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