Oliventures, Inc. Announces the Rebranding of its Celebrated PureVida™ as OliPura® Advanced

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Oliventures, Inc. is announcing the rebranding of its flagship product, PureVida™ as OliPura® Advanced this month. Customers who have depended on the three-in-one power of TrePhenol®(a proprietary blend of natural olive fruit hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and its derivatives), Alaskan omega-3 fish oil, and turmeric curcumin found in PureVida, will now have the same formulation and benefits in OliPura® Advanced.

"We are letting our customers know that the clinically tested, all-natural, proprietary formulation of PureVida™ is now rebranded as OliPura® Advanced," says Dave Quigley, President of Oliventures Inc. "In addition, we were named in a recent medical article highlighting the health benefits of combining olive polyphenols and omega-3s together – as we have been doing for years with our OliPura® Advanced and Heart products."

"Olipura® Advanced was clinically tested in post-menopausal breast cancer patients. Patients took 3 capsules per day for a month and tested for a reduction in cRP, c-Reactive Proteins – a standard measure or marker for cancer inflammation. Overall, the patients had a 35% reduction in cRP levels after just 30 days, and the most serious patients had a 50% reduction in their cRP levels! As a result of the decreased inflammation, patients also experienced an average of 21% decrease in pain scores for all patients and a 38% decrease in those patients with higher pre-treatment pain scores.*

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we wanted to have the new brand primed and ready with TrePhenol®, our proprietary blend of powerful polyphenols, found in OliPura® Advanced, said Scott Quigley, Director of Oliventures, Inc. "The TrePehenol® in OliPura® Advanced for a week is equivalent to the amount of hydroxytyrosol found in over 2.5 liters of olive oil without the additional calories and unwanted fats.

Try a free, one-month supply of OliPura Advanced by emailing us at [email protected] while supplies last.  To shop these products, and learn more about the power of olive fruit polyphenols and our clinical testing, please visit https://www.oliventuresinc.com.

About Oliventures, Inc.

Re-launched in Indianapolis, IN 2020 after being purchased by the company's dedicated customers, Oliventures, Inc. wants people to experience the health benefits of olive oil polyphenols. Our anti-inflammatory products are produced naturally using the purest olive oil fruit extract to provide our customers with the best of the Mediterranean diet. Help support your body's response to inflammation with all-natural, anti-inflammatory supplements made with TrePhenol®, a proprietary blend of olive oil polyphenols.

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