Milestone Achievement for South Shore Line: First Phase of Double Track NWI Project Completed

CHESTERTON, Ind. - IndianaStop -- The South Shore Line is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the first phase of the highly anticipated Double Track NWI project. Train service is set to resume between Michigan City and Dune Park stations on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to enhance regional transportation and connectivity.

While construction began in late 2021, the Double Track NWI project is the result of a years-long collaborative endeavor aimed at extending the South Shore Line's double track area that now ends at Gary, Indiana, all the way to Michigan City, Indiana. This transformative project includes crucial signal, power, and platform, and parking improvements at five key passenger stations along the route.

The primary objective of the Double Track NWI project is to revolutionize travel in northwest Indiana by fostering reduced travel times, heightened service frequency, and improved overall passenger experience. The introduction of 14 additional weekday trains each weekday will offer unprecedented convenience to passengers commuting between northwest Indiana and downtown Chicago.

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Safety has been a paramount consideration throughout the project's implementation. The installation of high-level platforms and the elimination of 20 at-grade crossings are integral components of the safety enhancements being brought to the South Shore Line. This strategic approach underscores the commitment to ensuring safe and reliable rail travel for all passengers.

With the resumption of train services between Michigan City and Dune Park, passengers will once again be able to board and disembark trains at all stations between Carroll Avenue Station and Dune Park Station, according to a revised train schedule effective October 25, 2023. To allow for the completion of the Double Track construction, busing services will continue to be provided to stations between Dune Park and Gary Metro Center.

The completion of the first phase is a momentous accomplishment and paves the way for the subsequent stages of the Double Track NWI project. As we celebrate this achievement, we extend our gratitude to our riders, our employees, the communities impacted, and all those involved for their steadfast support and patience during this construction period. Looking ahead, the South Shore Line is committed to bringing the Double Track NWI project to full fruition by May 2024. The culmination of this ambitious endeavor promises a new era of efficient, safe, and connected transportation for the region.

Felicia Kuschel

Source: South Shore Line

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