City of Bloomington Utilities Assists Homeowners Association with Pond Clean Up

~ The City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) is currently working with the Gentry Estates Homeowners Association to remediate a stormwater retention pond located near the intersection of E Gentry Blvd and S State Rd 446. On November 9, CBU received a report of foul-smelling water near the corner of S Carlton Ct and E Gentry Blvd. Upon investigation, it was found that a force main had been struck by a fiber-optic contractor on or about August 11, 2023. CBU was able to repair the damaged force main on November 9.

On November 14, CBU received a report of dead fish surfacing in the retention pond downhill from the location of the strike. It is believed that an indeterminate quantity of sewage had been discharged from the damaged force main prior to CBU's repairs, resulting in fatal contamination for about 25-50 small fish and potentially adversely affecting other plants and animals in the pond. Testing conducted by CBU on November 13 indicated high levels of E.Coli bacteria in the pond water, posing a risk to human health and the environment. This Sanitary Sewer Overflow has been reported to Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

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In response to this incident, CBU is lending resources to help prevent spreading of E.Coli to downstream water resources. A septic contractor has been deployed to pump contaminated water from the pond, while CBU staff will work to disinfect the soil and grass adjacent to it. Additional sampling will be conducted by CBU in order to monitor progress as cleanup efforts continue. Members of the public are urged to avoid contact with the pond until it is deemed safe again.

"CBU is committed to stewarding our natural environment," said Director Vic Kelson. "We are grateful to those who brought this issue to our attention and we will work with them diligently in order keep contaminants out of our stormwater system and local watershed."

Bloomington has a municipal separate stormwater system (MS4) which is designed specifically for preventing sanitary sewer water from entering into stormwater systems and vice versa; anything that flows into these drains will eventually end up in local ponds and creeks before reaching larger bodies such as Mississippi River or Gulf of Mexico. Residents are encouraged by CBU staff members to report any unusual water flowing or standing unrelated to rain events at 812-339-1444 so that further damage can be avoided.

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